Friday’s Links

Steve Goff’s compilation of TV listings for the weekend.

The Americans Abroad report from the 90th Minute

Jose Romero has a great breakdown of Sigi Schmid’s midweek press conference.

An update on former Wizards from Down the Byline

Finally an apology from Tim Hanley for his Louis Crayton comments.

Jared Montz’s Interview with Jed Zayner.

Match Fit USA says Don Garber is starting to understand what MLS needs to do to be more successful.

Uncle Ed Previews the Miami FC-Montreal match at his blog.

USL’s Friday Night Football package on FSC kicks off tonight in Miami.

Beau Dure discussed the potential for grass in Toronto and other tidbits yesterday in the USA Today.

Manchester United fans are obsessed with Manchester City.

The remarkable story of Matt Taylor told this time by