Saturday’s Links

My much talked about interview with Steven Cohen can be found here. I will embed certain portions of the interview on this site later in the day.


Steve Goff speculates about DC United’s lineup tomorrow against the Red Bulls.

A review of DCU’s US Open Cup qualifying win over FC Dallas from Behind the Badge.

In another sign of Baseball’s continued arrogance and growing irrelevance Randy Levine of the Yankees has hit out at Don Garber.

A WPS Weekend Preview from Soccer 365.

Brian Quarstad of Inside Minnesota Soccer explains to us in another fantastic read, what US Club Soccer is.

The Swine Flu and it’s affect on the weekend from Mad About Futbol.

Why I believe MLS must keep the foreign player limit per squad at eight from Major League Soccer Talk.

The Bleacher Report thinks Manchester City is in need of a change.

More links to come as the day unfolds.