Today in US National Team History: USA 1-0 Uruguay (1991)

On May 5th 1991, the US defeated Uruguay 1-0 in front of a huge crowd at Denver’s Mile High Stadium. Over 35,000 fans turned out for the match and the United States achieved their best pre Gold Cup result of the year. This match sent the US into the inaugural Gold Cup on high, and in that competition the team surprised CONCACAF winning the title. It would be the only Gold Cup triumph for the US until the sixth edition of the competition in 2002. Mexico would win three titles and Canada once before the US returned to the mountaintop of CONCACAF.

Here is the lineup fielded by US on May 5th, 1991

Tony Meola

Jeff Agoos

Des Armstrong

Fernando Clavijo

Bruce Savage

Marcelo Balboa

Chris Henderson (Troy Snyder)

Jansuz Michallik

Bruce Murray

Peter Vermes

Eric Wynalda (Dom Kinnear)

Peter Vermes goal gave the US a critical friendly victory. Vermes was playing some very solid football in 1991, but the career of the US MNT captain peaked too soon for 1994. Cut from the World Cup team, Vermes drifted from attacker to defender and had a very big impact in MLS. But in 1991, nobody realized that when the USA brought back first division soccer, it would be with Vermes as a defensive stalwart, not one of the leading goal scorers.