Thoughts on Steven Cohen’s Apology

No way of avoiding it: the big news Monday was made in US Football media circles with the apology of Steven Cohen for his opinions on the Hillsborough disaster in 1989. This apology by the host of World Soccer Daily and FOX Football Fone-In should finally put to rest the saga which has engulfed the soccer community here in the United States. Regardless of your opinion of Steven Cohen or the Hillsborough tragedy, let us hope everyone can move on and focus on football from here on out.

As the person who conducted the first outside interview with Steven Cohen after the controversy began I felt the ability to discuss football and issues related to the game today had been hijacked from us on that day as anything we talked about outside the tragic events 20 years ago would be ignored by most listeners. Since my interview with the WSD/FFF host, other media organizations such as NPR, the New York Times and the LA Daily News have covered the story and spoken to Mr. Cohen exclusively about Hillsborough.

At a time when Football sturggles for mainstream attention in the United States thanks to a largely hostile sports media and a largely indifferent public, bad PR for the game is not something we can afford. So as someone who cares deeply about the growth of the game in this country, I am thankful the epic seems to have finally run its course.

Thankfully we can all move on today and focus on the sport we all love.