Friday’s Links

Pachuca and Jose Francisco Torres beat Indios and Marco Vidal 2-0 in the first leg of the Mexican Clausura semifinal.

I guess all that talk that Brazil would take a “B” squad to the Confederations Cup was just that: talk. Now the US must decide whether or not to send the same group that scored zero goals in three successive matches against England, Spain and Argentina last summer or to try some new blood.

Mad About Futbol, our sister site has an interesting blurb about the non interest in the Confederations Cup in England. What a shock, I thought the British media were merchants of all aspects of world football. That’s why we have so much Copa Libertadoras and Asian Cup coverage in the UK press. Oh, I forgot they invented the game and thus have reserved the exclusive right to determine what competitions are meaningful, which leagues are top class and which rules of the game to apply. The pity is that many English and Scotish fans love football of all stripes and would eat up any coverage of the sport from outside of the UK, but that the insular, xenophobic fleet street based crew doesn’t give them that choice.

An Op-Ed on USL’s percieved problems at USL

Victor MacFarlane has bailed on DC United. What does it mean? Jason Davis explains.

Steve Goff talks to DCU majority owner Will Chang

ESPN has teased its World Cup 2010 marketing campaign.

Thabiso Khumalo getting some love from back home in Africa.

WPS has shifted which matchup will be on national televsion in the final weekend of the season.

The Bleacher Report talks about the importance of MLS all-star voting.

The Miami FC Ultras will have a watch party this Saturday for the game against the last place Minnesota Thunder.