American Fans Want Jermaine Jones


Late last week Schlake defensive midfielder Jermaine Jones made a decision to leave the German National Team player pool and pledge his allegiance to the United States reversing a decision the son of an American serviceman made almost a decade ago. Jones represented Germany three times on the senior national team level most recently in November against England.

Last Friday, I penned an article about Jones listing the pros and cons of his decision for the US and trying to take as look at what Bob Bradley must consider from a historical standpoint and with regards to his current squad before capping the player.  The issues of David Regis, current tactics and Jones attitude. On Saturday after reading the responses to my post, and message boards on other websites I threw up a poll asking for the views on this issue.

As of this morning out of a 133 responses here was the breakdown:

YES 79% (105 votes)

NO 5% (6 votes)

The US should never use players who grew up abroad 2% (3 votes)
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Ask me after the Confederations Cup 14% (19 votes)
These results though unscientific do mirror the sentiments across the web among US Soccer Supporters. No question exists that the US is underwhelming currently by standards established by those who support the program as fans. Thus, should Jermaine Jones not be called in at the earliest possible date after his clearance by FIFA, Bob Bradley may have more negative fan fallout to deal with than originally anticipated.