Gold Cup Nightly: Quarterfinals


USA 2-1 Panama AET

MLS Talk Post match summary.

Honduras 1-0 Canada

Honduras eliminated Canada from the Gold Cup tonight under what can only be described as controversial circumstances. For the second straight tournament Canada got the short end of the officiating losing to a vastly inferior Honduras “B” team on the night. Honduras started the match well but eventually the superiority of Canada took over. But on a narrow pitch, Julian De Guzman didn’t find the space in the center of midfield to direct the Canada attack, and Will Johnson failed to get the necessary width on the right side. Then a terrible call against Paul Stalteri by an infamous ref in CONCACAF, Joel Aguilar resulted in a penalty which Water Martinez converted.

The second half saw Canada struggle early but reassert its dominance midway through the half and get countless chances to score an equalizer. But the combination of poor officiating and the narrow pitch doomed the Canadians. Canada was the best team in the Group Stage of this competition, but like so many big tournaments before this, the best team in the groups often goes home earlier than expected.

Canada continues to be a hard luck, perplexing story in CONCACAF. With a cosmopolitan team made up largely of European based players, several successive managers have failed to get the best out of the side. Honduras, on the other hand must be pleased with this tournament run which has taken place despite having none of the big guns in the typical Honduran midfield: David Suazo, Wilson Palacios, Juio Caesar De Leon (Rambo) and Amado Guevara.