The Coming of Gio Dos Santos


If this Gold Cup has taught us anything thus far it’s not to write the obituary for Giovanni Dos Santos. Considered a failure by some of the snobs that watch Spanish football in the USA, Dos Santos has shown his quality and versatility in this Gold Cup. Whether it’s build up play or simply needing a quick pass into space or even a clean finish, Dos Santos at only 20 looks like a man aming boys in this competition.

With Dos Santos finally realizing his potential, Javier Aguirre can reap the benfit of the bloodletting that Sven Goran Eriksson did for El Tri’s attack. By playing Carlos Vela with Dos Santos from the start of World Cup qualifying, the duo took their hard knocks but appear to be coming out ahead. The continued development of these attackers also means that Mexico will be a feared team in South Africa 2010 and for sure in Brazil 2014. Look out CONCACAF, Gio has finally arrived.