Miami MLS Drive

Our sister site Mad About Futbol and our good friends at Miami Soccer Fan have begun a drive to return MLS to Miami. As I have articulated on MLS Talk repeatedly, the television ratings for the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market for the USMNT justify MLS taking a serious look at this market again, even if ticket sales slump. MLS has a major TV problem with ratings worse than Softball, Bowling and Poker. The Miami-Fort Lauderdale TV market however finished 1st in the Nielson ratings for the US-Brazil game, 3rd for both US-Mexico games this year and 4th for the US-Spain game.

The spin by those who do not want a return to the market it quite frankly short sighted- if attendance was the sole determining factor of a league’s viability and media penetration, MLS would be the second biggest league in the US behind the NFL (after all MLS games are more full than NBA, NHL or MLB games on average with a higher percentage of seats actually filled) and the league would also be one of the most visible footballing leagues on the planet because on average MLS has more fans in seats than Serie A, La Liga or Ligue 1. But this is simply not the case- TV matters more than ever and on that score MLS is a huge failure.

Please join the pledge drive for MLS Miami at