Michael Orozco: A Left Back Solution?

U-23 USA vs. U-23 Honduras

Michael Orozco’s performance last night against Pachuca, culminating in a well taken goal has me wondering, why we haven’t seen the San Luis defender in a while for the US team. Obviously, Orozco is best remembered for the silly red card he drew in the final group match of the 2008 Olympic Football Tournament against Nigeria, but previously seemed to be working well as a left back for the U-23s. Orozco, ideally would play inside but does have the ability to play left back as he did for the U-23s and as he did last for San Luis.

With the United States continuing its perennial left back woes that stretch back to the days of Jeff Agoos and David Regis, should Orozco get another look with the senior team?

What do our readers think?