Vancouver Whitecaps 2-0 Miami FC: Blues Playoff Hopes Fading

Miami FC has overturned much of its squad in the last several weeks. The Blues have in the last three weeks signed a stater for the US Under 20 World Cup team, a World Cup runner up defender, the first academy graduate in MLS history, and one of the best recent local products. Yet, the team continues to lose games between minutes 75 and 90.

Much like last season, Miami FC has now lost several matches which the team looked solid through 70 or 75 minutes, late. Worse yet, much like last season and the season before, Miami FC will miss the playoffs, baring a completely unexpected collapse by someone ahead of the Blues in the table.

This was the second game for Miami FC since local footballing hero Diego Serna was waived. Serna, who at 35 looked too slow and unmotivated to play at the USL-1 level was replaced by Tristan Bowen, the first graduate of the LA Galaxy Academy.

Miami FC now sits six points back of the final USL-1 playoff spot with only seven matches remaining.

Portland 51


Carolina 45

Charleston 45

Puerto Rico 41

Rochester 34

Montreal 32

Vancouver 31


Miami 25

Minnesota 20

Cleveland 16

Austin 15 (-2)

In other news, the Miami Ultras have been accepted as the first Sams Army Brigade.