5 Who Could Win the World Cup in 2010


After every qualifying round we will break down the five teams that I feel are most likely to win the World Cup in 2010.

Here is this Monday’s list.

1- Brazil

The reigning Copa America and Confederations Cup champions have to be the runaway favorites to win next year’s World Cup. After a 3-1 smashing of arch rival Argentina on Saturday, Brazil leads the South American qualifying group and has already clinched a World Cup berth. Dunga’s side is more tactically aware and flexible than past Brazil squads, although the beautiful football that was long a Brazilian trademerak is gone.

2- Holland

The Dutch have all the ingredients of a world champion, but the history of losing when it matters most. But this will be the strongest Dutch team since the Euro 2000 tournament, and in a non European World Cup, that probably bodes well.

3- Spain

The victory in Euro 2008 over historic juggernaut Germany was either a sign that Spain is now a world power or simply a historical fluke. We won’t know until next year, but Spain must have Andres Iniesta and Marcos Senna once again healthy next year to win the World Cup.

4- England

Fabio Capello’s side is long on talent but short on historical accomplishment. Weening this team off of faulty British tactics and employing a continental style is the most important contribution Capello can make long term. The narrow pitch sizes in South Africa combined with winter weather make England a logical favorite next year.

5- Mexico

Javier Aguirre has transformed one of most talented sides in the world from classic underachiever to regional heavyweight in a few short months. The core of this Mexican team has performed well at the youth level, and are now poised to breakthrough on the full international level.

Kartik Krishnaiyer/The Kartik Report