Marseille: Looking busy, yet doing nothing.

200px-Olympique_Marseille_logoI had a boss that said something to me that stuck in my head. One time, I was working, and working quite hard. He said I was going a great job, unlike someone else. Yet, this ’someone else’ always looked like they were doing their work. So I said to him “hey, that person works hard as well.” He responded by saying, “there are some people who look busy doing nothing.”

In the soccer world, that would have to be applied to Marseille.  While undefeated in Ligue 1 play, L’OM showed in last night’s match against AC Milan why many people, like myself, question this team as being the Ligue 1 preseason favorites.

There were a number of times during the game that I, along with many others i’m sure, said “Marseille is about to score.” Yet, all the chances but one didn’t materialize into anything. This is the story of L’OM.

This team has some serious questions that need to be answered if they plan on making a serious charge for the top spot in Ligue 1. Here are just a few observations from yesterday’s game.

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