UPDATE: Breakaway, MLS or USL?

Ed Serrano at Football in Miami and Beyond has an interesting piece on the TOA possibly entertaining the idea of joining MLS. I can report that with MLS undergoing CBA negotiations, the look of the league and its structure may very well be different and allow for some arrangement with the current USL-1 clubs.

However, I can also report that USL and a potential breakaway remain options, perhaps more viable options for the teams in the TOA. Events are continuing to develop, but NuRock, the new owners of USL are aware of the TOA concerns and may very well make some effort to bring the disaffected USL-1 clubs back into the fold. I have heard from a source that NuRock is very “proactive” about changes to USL.

MLS-2 or a new “breakaway” league are not yet inevitable. They are both certainly possible, but much of the speculation rests on the TOA clubs leaving USL, and that is not the forgone conclusion that has been represented in some other places on the web.

Basically, the TOA is in the process of evaluating all possible options for their member clubs. To not talk to MLS, or any other potential suitor would be irresponsible for the TOA and the clubs they represent.