Women’s Football Discussion on Inside the Six

Sorry to do too much of “the pimping” (as one of our favorite marionettes would put it), but I do think this topic deserves some more attention. I probably won’t be created a post for each podcast I do (I have my own portal for that junk).

Over at Inside the Six, I’ve tried to feature women’s football regularly. I’m under the impression that this is content in which most readers/listeners have interest, but I hold out hope that my interest (which is admittedly new) will be contagious.

That is why I welcomed Jeff Kassouf (from Equalizer Soccer) and Ryan Wood (World Soccer Reader’s Women’s Professional Soccer correspondent) on the podcast for a whole hour of women’s football talk. We talked about this month’s European Championships, the WPS Expansion Draft, as well as the immediate future of our women’s domestic league.

You can get that podcast here (at World Soccer Reader) or through my iTunes feed.

I sincerely hope that you listen to the show, because the discussion speaks for itself. Jeff closely follows MLS and Ryan is a follower of European football, yet the three of us still find time to follow what I consider to be a very viable product.

You don’t have to make the women’s game a focal point of your focus. WPS is just one of many leagues that I follow, which means it gets a small sliver of my attention. Still, it is a league that I keep some tabs on, and that’s all WPS asks.