Russian Football Now, Episode #5: The Battle for Second Place

The fifth episode of Russian Football Now’s podcast was released through our sister-site (disclosure: the site run by myself and Chris Riordan) yesterday. The topics this week are pretty straight forward: With 3/4 of the Russian season finished, it’s about positioning for European spots.

Chris and I talk about that, go into the league’s news (including this strange story), give everybody some information on the two teams that could potentially be promoted in two months, and give brief previews of next week’s Champions League matches.

If you’re looking for one match to watch this week in Russia, CSKA Moscow faces off with Zenit St. Petersburg, the winner having the inside path to a Champions League spot.

You can get the podcast through Russian Football Now’s website, RFN’s iTunes feed, or via my iTunes feed.

Finally (boy, this is getting long), I wanted to reiterate something that Chris and I said at the end of the show: We are incredibly appreciative to all the support we’ve gotten in launching this new project, and that includes support from this site’s followers. We are receiving great emails from people who have been looking for an English-language, Russian football outlet, and those people would not have that outlet if it weren’t for the many great, curious, and devoted football lovers who love the Beautiful Game’s forms from all over the world.

Sincerely, thank you.