USL-1 Semifinals Set

Well, what do you know. Leaning on my “expertise” as a color analyst for Miami FC telecasts this season led me to pick all three Quarterfinals matchups incorrectly. So I am out of the prediction business.

The semifinals are set:

Montreal vs Puerto Rico

Portland vs Vancouver

I am disappointed beyond words with the Islanders CONCACAF play this year. (something that must be making some of the MLS fans who populate message boards very happy) I’m often accused of being an Islanders fan and perhaps I do have a soft spot for them which shows up in my hyper critical coverage of them from time to time. But in this series, I just think they now will be focused having gotten by Rochester to dislodge Montreal. Again, no predictions, just a hunch.

As for Vancouver and Portland, that is going to be a fun two leg derby. While both clubs are moving to MLS in 2011, this derby will be shining moment for USL. After all, Vancouver may need to restructure their organization to meet MLS guidelines in 2011, so who knows how successful they’ll be in MLS.

I’ll have much more on both these playoff series, Wednesday.