Manchester United Robbed By “Unfit” Official

Perhaps the criticism got to Alan Wiley. Maybe he’s admitting he made a mistake in the Manchester Derby and over compensated for it by costing United two points today? One thing is for certain: if today’s match took place in a vacuum, Sir Alex Ferguson’s slamming of Alan Wiley as “unfit” is 100% justified.

United were not given any extra time for the numerous time wasting schemes by Sunderland late, nor for an extra time goal. Moreover, the whistle was blown while United were on the attack, looking destined to score a late winner as they had two weeks ago versus Manchester City.

But this game cannot be viewed in a vacuum. It must be considered either a tremendous mistake by Wiley, or the last match versus City must be considered a victory due to “Fergie time,” when Wiley was the fourth official. Perhaps, Ferguson is so used to getting his way with the officials, that any perceived slight, particularly at home is viewed as a crime.  Wiley and Fergie appeared to be long lost friends that afternoon, when in bad form they were seen laughing and joking in front of an aghast Mark Hughes.

United however, should be hailed for their fighting spirit. The persistence late, after Sunderland had been reduced to ten men, paid off with a draw. The point United saved could be critical in the bigger of scheme of things when the title is decided in May.