WCQ Preview: Ecuador versus Uruguay

It’s because of the mess that Argentina is in that more attention is not being paid to Uruguay. Talk to people who follow the team or live down there and you hear tales of malaise and depression. Beyond having low expectations for the national team, people are losing interest. Only 30,000 people showed up for the Round 16 win over Colombia: twenty thousand less than came to see the Brazil match in Round 14, forty thousand less than capacity.

Perhaps that turn-out was influenced by Uruguay’s shocking September loss to Peru in Lima. Peru had not won a qualifier in a year, and Uruguay – then poised to get one the the region’s automatic births, inexplicably lost, 1-0. The team bounced back with three goals at home against a Colombian team that had temporarily passed them in the table, but after Lima, Uruguay’s quality is in question.

Now Uruguay, who usually play their matches at 43 meters above sea level, goes to Quito, 2,850 meters above sea level, to face Ecuador.

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