Five Who Could Win the World Cup in 2010

ballack germany

After every qualifying round we will break down the five teams that I feel are most likely to win the World Cup in 2010.

Here is the list Monday October 12th’s list.

1- Brazil

Last Ranking: 1

The reigning Copa America and Confederations Cup champions have to be the runaway favorites to win next year’s World Cup. Having already clinched a World Cup berth, Sunday’s loss to Bolivia meant little in the big picture. Dunga’s side is more tactically aware and flexible than past Brazil squads, although the beautiful football that was long a Brazilian trademark is gone. Selecao Brasil is riding high without the big names that have characterized previous squads. This owes itself to Dunga’s incredible command of tactics and imparting a discipline into the squad.

2- Spain

Last Ranking: 2

The victory in Euro 2008 over historic juggernaut Germany was either a sign that Spain is now a world power or simply a historical fluke. We won’t know until next year, but Spain must have Andres Iniesta and Marcos Senna once again healthy next year to win the World Cup.

Spain has all the tools in midfield to be successful, and probably man for man the most talented side in the world. But history doesn’t lie, and Spain isn’t a world power, just yet.

3- Holland

Last Ranking 3

The Dutch have all the ingredients of a world champion, but the history of losing when it matters most. But this will be the strongest Dutch team since the Euro 2000 tournament, and in a non European World Cup, that probably bodes well. But do the players get along, and thus far their are no apparent signs of the back biting that tends to characterize Holland’s best teams.

4- Germany

Last Ranking: Unranked

One of the favorite games in the British press circa the late 2000s is to criticize what Germany doesn’t have. They don’t have a Rooney, we’re told or a Gerrard or a Terry. But what do the Germans have? If you ask the typical English writer, it’s luck. But if you talk to those who know World Football, it is a tactical sense and a discipline. Germany consistently gets its players to punch above their weight at the international level. Combine that with Joachim Low’s tactical acumen and the quality leadership Michael Ballack exhibits, and yes the Germans are coming yet again.

Saturday’s victory over Russia must serve as a stark reminder to those who write off Germany and anoint non traditional powers as world beaters that a pecking order still is ingrained in world football. Perhaps the glass ceiling is being broached, but it has not been shattered yet.

5- Ivory Coast

Last Ranking: 5

The Ivory Coast will have plenty of local support in South Africa. Additionally, an experienced side with more top level European players than even Brazil gives Africa a chance at its first World Cup victory.

Also in consideration: England (dropped from #4), Mexico, Ghana, Italy, Serbia, Argentina