France-Ireland UEFA Playoff: Complete Coverage

Thierry Henry’s hand of god 2.0 goal ( thanks to Ginge Talks the Footy for that terminology) has the world of football abuzz. But here at the Kartik Report and at our partner sites, we’ve had the Ireland-France playoff covered from the beginning.

Whether it was Kartik Krishnaiyer’s pro-Ireland position, or Dave Trotter’s pro-France writing, we’ve covered one of the most awaited and compelling stories of the year.

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(Krishnaiyer) MLS Must Reject Henry

(Krishnaiyer) An Irish Defeat Would be Bad for World Football

(Krishnaiyer) Set Piece Analysts: Ireland Far From Finished

(Krishnaiyer) Ireland 0-1 France. A Cruel Fate for Trap’s Superior Side

(Trotter) News on the France-Ireland Matchup