USL/TOA Dispute Updates

The move of Crystal Palace Baltimore to the TOA from USL has been confirmed. We’ll have further updates on this and the USL AGM all weekend long.

Tampa Bay has also switched for now, but this move could be temporary, based on what the USSF does this weekend in sanctioning the new league. I am told the new league and its sanctioning is on the agenda at the metings being held at MLS Cup Weekend.

Tampa is a TOA member but also on the hook to play in USL next season. I believe they are helping the TOA get sanctioning and will return to USL should the First Division still exist to play the 2010 season before joining the new TOA league permanantely in 2011.

The trademark for the North American Soccer League, which brings back memories has been registered by Miami FC according to USL News. The NASL name choice is brilliant if the league is actually played at a decent standard. While the NASL evokes some angst from recent soccer fans, many old timers long for the days of seeing Pele, Cruyuff and Cubillias, among others on American soil. But a new TOA league would not have the cache of the NASL and could in fact damage the name and legacy of the league.

The NASL is still fondly remembred in Europe. On my travels there, I get more questions about the NASL than MLS, which should be a strong indicator as to its market value in the global football world.