The Return: NASL is Back

The still unsanctioned TOA breakaway league has smartly selected the name of the historic North American Soccer League for the league. While the TOA has applied to the US Soccer Federation and Canadian Soccer Association for official status, neither governing body has announced an official decision. This is despite speculation that the USSF reached a decision this weekend, again no official decision has announced.

The league will include teams in Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Montreal, Baltimore, Miami, Vancouver, St Louis, and Cary, NC.,

The status of the Minnesota Thunder needs to be clarified although they were included in today’s release. Our partner site, Inside Minnesota Soccer has reported about the extensive financial problems of the club.

When the possibility of the NASL name was raised last week, MLS Talk readers were asked about the name. An overwhelming number of respondents liked the NASL name, but just under 50% said it was appropriate for this league. 26% said the NASL legacy was great but the name needed to be retired. (A total of 73% of the 301 respondents were positive about the NASL name, although only 47% wanted it used for this league.) The rest of the respondents (27%) were split between not caring, not liking the NASL, and wanting the teams to return to USL.