Bocanegra featured on Ligue 1 website

During the last week, a three-part interview of US captain Carlos Bocanegra has been published on the official Ligue 1 website. Earlier in the year, Ligue 1 also conducted an exclusive interview with Charlie Davies as well. Is seems like Ligue 1 has become a very friendly environment for American players abroad.

In the first part of the interview, Bocanegra talked about his club team, Rennes, and how they are struggling to play as a team. “I think the biggest problem for us is that everybody has been in good form individually, but not as a team. Players have been having a good game when other guys haven’t been performing so well. Our problem is in the group effort and getting everyone to play well at the same time,” said Bocanegra.

Also, Bocanegra played his 50th game in Ligue 1 recently. He stated that he played over 100 games for Fulham and hopes that we can do the same thing in Ligue 1 as well.

In the second part of the interview, Carlos said that he wishes that he could express himself at Rennes as much as he can at USNT matches. He said that there is a language barrier. “I try and remain the same, but the problem at Rennes is that I can’t always express myself the way I would like in French and that is hard for me because sometimes I feel like I can’t completely get my point across. But you just try and lead with your actions.”

They also touched a bit on the Charlie Davies accident and that he feels very confident that Davies will be back for the World Cup and Ligue 1 play next year, as much of the USNT does.

In the third section of the interview, Bocanegra is asked about Rennes chances for the season. He says that his team can still challenge for the title. But we assume that this whole interview was taken before the Lyon match. Still, Rennes currently sit in 11th place in Ligue 1 and look very unlikely to win the title or even make a European competition spot.

He also said that the biggest blow to Rennes has been the exclusion of Jimmy Briand and Jerome Leroy, both suffering from injuries.

No matter what is said in the interviews, which I think puts Bocanegra and US Soccer in a positive light, it seems that American players are being treated quite well as players in Ligue 1. Yes, Freddie Adu wasn’t looked at quite as highly at Monaco, but he was on loan and not part of their plan. Davies and Bocanegra are important parts of Sochaux’s and Rennes’ success, and continue to get a lot of press attention on the Ligue 1 website.

While other American players around the world seem to be drowned out, especially in the EPL, Ligue 1 seems to respect the fact that Americans are deciding the make France their home. I sure hope American players take note of this and that for Carlos and Charlie can attest to the value of Ligue 1.

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